The Jo Gibb Dedication Website was last updated July 13, 2001

July 13, 2001 ~ I have added a Jo Gibb Voting Poll. I will  change it about every month. Since this poll came so late in July, I will keep this poll up until the end of August. This months topic for the voting poll is, What show should Jo Gibb be in?. Start voting!

July 11, 2001 ~ Changed the name of the site. I have took down the help page and I have added back the Jo Gibb Fan Club and it has a main page for it. I have also updated the Jo Gibb Dedication Webring with a main site as well. Also, the Jo Gibb Dedication Website is now a proud memeber of the British Actor/Actresses Webring! Also, I have a new guestbook by bravenet.com.

**IMPORTANT ANNOCMENT: I do not know when the interview part will be up. I have contacted Jo and asked her if I could, but I have not heard a response. If you would like a questioned answered, please e-mail me or sign the guestbook and I will make sure that I ask her that. Please, no personal questions. Thank you**

July 1, 2001 ~ I do need your help with something, so I have added a Help page to this site. This page will only be up for the month of July. On August 1, 2001, that site will be taken down and the verdict of the out come will be posted on the main part of this site. So, e-mail me quickly with your anwsers!

June 28, 2001 ~ The Jo Gibb Site now has all its sites moved to tripod.com. This site is now out of construction and is ready to be used again! Thanks for your time!

June 27, 2001 ~ we have now moved to tripod.com! Yahoo! Alot of this site is not up yet and they're will be lots of broken links, so if one of your favorite places to go URL is broken, hang tight, I will get it fixed. I will be moving everyday. Thank you for your paitence!

June 25, 2001 ~ We have added a message board and Show reviews. I have also updated the photos page with a new layout.

June 22, 2001 ~ Added the 6th page of the Jo Gibb Pics and they're two new pics on that page.