Win one of my awards!

To win one of my awards, you must have the following:

*Good images
*Few links
*Original layout and title
*More than 3 places to visit on your site
*No broken links or/and images

All you have to do is E-mail me your:

*E-mail address
*Title of your site
*URL of your site
*which award you want
*why you think you would like to have this award

Here are winners of these awards!

Even though this award says 'Goddess Kitty' you can still apply for it.


The Jellicle Kittens Lair ~ good site with a dedication to everyone's favorite Etcetera, Jo Bingham!

Jellicle Star - London ~ excellent site about the West End CATS with info on the stars of CATS!

Bombidalees' CATS Characters ~ brilliant site dedicated to the characters and actors of the CATS Video!

Bombaluriana's Jellicle Hangout ~ cats website dedicated to Bombalurinana!

By the Light of the Jellicle Moon ~ good site with cool pics!

Jemima's Jellicle CATS ~ cats site dedicated to Jemima!

Tantomile's N'sync and CATS Resort ~ if you love CATS and N'sync, than this is the place for you!