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When I Wake-up

When I wake-up in the morning, I hope to see a beautiful young lady in the mirror. As I stagger over to the mirror, I pray that there is a beautiful young lady in that mirror, but when I take a look in the mirror, I only see me. Me. There is no beautiful young lady in that mirror. I see me. I am not that beautiful young lady. I have braces, dull hair, acne all over my face, I'm too fat. I start to cry as I take a good look at myself. I throw myself upon my bed and cry. Why am I so ugly? Why can't I be like Janet Jackson, Madonna, or even Britney Spears? They are all beautiful women, but I am only an ugly face, body, and soul. If I go out, no one notices me, but every morning when I wake-up, I hope to see that beautiful young lady. I never do.

**Authors note: This can relate to some teenage girls. This talks about a girl going through the time when they feel like they are not that pretty. Example, when they look in a magazine and see Britney Spears or Pink or Lil' Kim, they wish that they could be as pretty as them. Some girls never experience this, but most do. Believe me, I know this for a true fact.**