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Too Popular


Too popular. That's me alright. Sure, I've got friends, the looks, boys crawling at my feet, but I'm too popular. I wish I was just a nobody for one day. Not hearing my name being called, not having to worry if I look okay so the hot guy in math class would ask me out. I wish that I can be alone for just one day. One. That's all. I mean, I love who I am now, but I just want one little, tiny, twenty-four hour day to myself. I don't want anyone calling me up. I don't want to go to the movies, mall, or any parties. Why you ask this? I'm just too popular.

**Authors Note: This story has to do with a VERY popular teen girl who is being to not like the popular side of herself. She wishes to be alone and not out with her boyfriend or friends. She doesn't want to go anywhere. She just wants to stay in her room for one day and forget that she is her. **